The new rear swinging flap for the tipper trailer

New closures, tighter guidance, more ground clearance

With the new rear swinging flaps made of anodized aluminum with robust steel mounts, the tipper models can be tailored even more individually to customer needs.

The rear swing flap for tipping trailers facilitates the unloading of the goods to be transported enormously and also with very easy handling. They are made of anodised aluminium and have robust steel mountings.

These ensure reliable locking and maximum securing of the goods to be transported. The optimised pivot point creates a tighter guide on the vehicle frame. This leads to an improved flow during tipping operations.

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Böckmann Kippanhänger Pendelklappe mit Kastenaufsatz geschlossen
rear swinging flap
Böckmann Kippanhänger Pendelklappe mit Kastenaufsatz geschlossen
rear swinging flap

More ground clearance and new rear swinging flap locks

With 60 mm more distance to the ground when tipping compared to the previous model, the pendulum flap offers significantly more ground clearance. New pendulum locks made of forged steel with rubberised grip not only create greater comfort, but are also particularly practical. The pre-tensioning of the catches counteracts wear through automatic readjustment. The handles can also be combined smoothly with the new tipper attachments, grid attachment, steel plate attachment and box attachment. Together with the large opening size of the pendulum flap, they ensure controlled unloading of the transported goods.

Böckmann Kippanhänger Pendelklappe - Griffe | © Böckmann Kippanhänger Pendelklappe - Griffe

Thanks to the new pivot point and the narrow frame guide, easy loading and unloading is also possible with drive-on rails. In order to ensure that the rails do not slip against the flap, the rail securing system on the tipper models has also been optimised.

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