New attachments for the tipping trailers

New design for even more comfort and better handling.

We are expanding the range of accessories for the tipper trailers. The new closed tipper attachment made of solid sheet steel is now part of the range and available for all models. The design of the existing box and grid attachments has also been redeveloped. With the larger selection of attachments, the range is even better adapted to the customers' requirements. In addition, the major added values of the revision are the easy handling and the increased stability and robustness of the trailer.
Sheet steel attachment
Grid attachment
Box attachment

The attachments offer unbeatable benefits. Thanks to the innovative locking system, they can be operated without opening the base drop side. They can be opened on three sides and have a fixed front wall, so that loading and unloading of goods to be transported is possible from all sides. In addition, they can be assembled and disassembled completely without tools.

The 600 mm high sheet steel attachment has a stable and robust frame construction made of 3 mm steel with solid cross-bracing.

In the future, the grid attachment will be available in heights of 600 mm and 1000 mm. It has the same characteristics as the sheet steel attachment, but with corrugated mesh.

The 350 mm and 500 mm high box attachment is particularly stable due to its 4 mm steel corner posts and the anodised aluminium profile with double chamber.

Full-length support profile
Pendulum locks
Well thought-out lateral stops
Pin system

Together, the attachments have a full-length support profile for optimum support on the basic side wall and reliable sealing. The edged design on the inside ensures secure closure. The pendulum locks are also new, guaranteeing easy operation with maximum stability and long-term use. Well thought-out lateral stops prevent swinging open and ensure reliable stability even when using tarpaulins and container nets. The sheet steel and grid attachment also have a pin system for even more stability of the entire attachment.