Trailer tarpaulins & wraps

We have the right tarpaulin for every trailer - both in colour or with a motif. Individual wraps on the trailer are also possible. Our horse trailers are particularly attractive with individual motifs or with our popular decors.

The Böckmann trailer tarpaulins

You can protect your cargo from the effects of the weather by fitting a tarpaulin or tarpaulin and hoops on your utility trailer. You have the option of choosing a flat tarpaulin, which serves solely to protect the goods being transported and the trailer, or a combination of tarpaulin and hoops for high tarpaulin superstructures. These not only protect the transported goods, but can also be used as an attractive advertising space.

Böckmann Kastenanhänger mit Flachplane

Advertising & wraps

Individual wraps

Create your own individual designs for your utility trailer, horse trailer or your horse truck. We would be pleased to help you with your own customised design for both personal and promotional purposes.

Our range of services includes the following:

  • Layout and creation of individual designs
  • Partial or complete trailer wraps with printed or non-printed adhesive foil
  • Large-format tarpaulin digital printing on your trailer tarpaulin (scratchproof, UV-resistant and weather-proof)
  • Photo-realistic wraps
  • Light-reflective wraps

Examples of individually designed trailer tarpaulins & wraps for van trailers

Böckmann Kofferanhänger mit Beklebung von Apego
Böckmann Kofferanhänger mit Beklebung Gartenbau
Böckmann Kofferanhänger mit Beklebung Krumbach
Plane & Spriegel Beklebung

Examples for wraps on horse trailers & horse trucks

Böckmann Compact mit Beklebung
Böckmann Pferdeanhänger mit Foto-Beklebung
Böckmann Big Portax mit Beklebung vom Center Mertens
Böckmann Pferdeanhänger Champion mit Dekor
Böckmann Compact mit Beklebung
Böckmann Pferdeanhänger Comfort Brüsewitz Brüder

Our partner for tarpaulins & wraps

Our tarpaulins are manufactured in cooperation with the Böckmann Center Bützow. If you have any questions about tarpaulins and wraps or would like detailed information, please contact our colleagues there directly. They will be pleased to help you. 

More information is also available on the Center's website.

Logo Böckmann Center Bützow

Böckmann Center Bützow

Opening hours

Mon - Fri: 08:00 - 18:00 h

Sat: 09:00 - 12:00 h


Böckmann Center Bützow GmbH
Am Heidekamp 7
18246 Bützow

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Böckmann decors

We have an attractive selection of motifs for the horse trailers and horse trucks on offer. These decors can already be selected during vehicle configuration. Our decors are motifs designed exclusively for Böckmann by Jan Künster and are available exclusively for Böckmann horse trailers.

Examples of decors

Böckmann Pferdeanhänger Master mit Dekor
Böckmann Equipe mit Dekor
Böckmann Neo mit Dekor
Böckmann Compact mit weißem Dekor
Böckmann Pferdeanhänger Master in Sonderfarbe mit Dekor
Böckmann Pferdeanhänger Master-Modelle mit Dekor
Compact mit XXL Dekor

If you are interested in one of our horse trailers and would like to add a decor, you can view all our decors in the configurator. Here you also have the opportunity to see directly how the decor would look on your selected horse trailer.