Böckmann Fahrzeugwerke

A medium-sized family business with tradition and innovative power – trendsetting transport solutions since 1956.

Get moving with Böckmann. First class and hand in hand.

Böckmann Fahrzeugwerke stands for competence and innovation in the transport business.

The family business from Lastrup has specialised in the production and development of utility and horse transport solutions to a high standard since 1956. What was once a small family business has evolved over the years to become a large international company with a global dealer network in more than 30 countries.

As the leading brand for transport solutions in Europe, Böckmann regards itself as a driving force and works with more than 500 employees to develop pioneering transport solutions that are characterised by their first-class quality, the best design and compliance with the highest safety aspects.

Always in line with the motto "Practical experience for practical applications”, only products that are also good enough for its own horses meet the company’s demands. This guiding principle is still followed today and shapes the way Böckmann works. The focus is always on the well-being of the horses. Our close proximity to the Böckmann stud farm and therefore also to the daily challenges of our target group are the driving force behind the further development of our vehicles. Our products have to meet high demands: Innovative, safe, reliable and top-quality workmanship.

The same principle also applies to our horse trucks. Quality and safety are the main factors in the development of our transport concepts. The goal is to drive equestrian sport forwards.

Production of the utility trailers also has to meet high quality standards. It is important that all trailers "Made in Germany" are equipped with high-quality materials and intelligent detailed solutions. The company produces a full range of trailers: Low-bed trailers, platform trailers, tipper trailers, van trailers, vehicle and construction plant trailers – both for dedicated private users as well as for daily use by professionals. The demands on the products are high and they are subjected to continuous further development to improve handling and provide practical solutions.

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The management team

Böckmann Fahrzeugwerke GmbH is run by managing partner Klaus Böckmann and authorised representatives Stella and Justus Böckmann. Together they stand for a cross-generational management approach that has shaped the company's development from a village smithy to an international market leader.

As a management team they are responsible for all sectors of the company with different areas of focus. Even in the third generation, the guiding principle of the founders Brigitte and Anton Böckmann is still firmly in place: "You have to put your heart into the business to be successful in the long term."

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