Our tack room concepts

We develop every vehicle for the maximum comfort of horse and rider. Thus, the space concepts in the trailer are an essential topic in the development and further development of the trailers. The new generation of trailers, such as the new edition of the classic "Master Family" or the Big Champion, have not only created more space for the horse but also practical stowage space for the rider.

The right room concept for every need.

Access to the tack lockers

The tack lockers differ between the models. Overall, the trend is towards larger doors to provide even better access to the equipment. The tack locker concepts differ on the one hand in how the equipment can be accessed and on the other hand in the type and amount of space available.

The vehicles with the SKA equipment are accessible from the outside through a large door. On the other side of the vehicle, the horse stall area can be reached comfortably.
In addition to the "classic tack locker SKA", there are also models with the designation "E", which have an interior tack locker
The interior of this tack locker can be opened from both sides, but there is no direct access from the outside. The horse stall area can usually be accessed from both sides of the vehicle and the equipment can be easily reached inside the trailer itself.
Larger trailers also offer models with the "SR tack room" equipment. These vehicles often have a man-sized door on the inside, which allows access to the tack room directly from the horse stall area.

Depending on the storage space required, one equipment variant may be more suitable.

What all tack locker concepts have in common is that they provide the maximum benefit in a small space and are very practical to use without restricting the horse's riding comfort.

Sattelkammer E Big Champion
Tack locker E
Big Champion SKA Sattelkammer
Tack locker SKA
Neo L SR Sattelraum
Tack room SR

The equipment of the tack lockers and rooms

In addition to the optimal access to the bright tack lockers - regardless of the design - the storage possibilities have also been further optimised. Thus, several shelves are intelligently accommodated in the trailer. In addition, the tack lockers and rooms have horizontally and vertically adjustable and extendable tack holders as standard. The telescopic broom, a plastic shovel, a door net and a mirror in the door are also always included. Large bridle hooks and pad holders are also included. To be able to reach everything easily, a folding stool is also part of the equipment - in large models even two stools in different sizes.
All tack lockers and rooms have switchable LED lighting so that everything remains clear even in poor lighting conditions.

Most tack lockers and rooms are also available in a western version. In these, the saddle holders have a wider support surface so that even the larger western saddles can be transported safely and without problems.