The new Big Champion: Great class in action.

With a unique offering of space and size, large doors and high side walls, this trailer is 'big class' in action.

Our reliable quality, robust materials and our safety promise make the noticeable difference with the new Big Champion. Whether in the horse stable area, in the saddle boxes or in use: the new Big Champion offers size and comfort - and that with safety. With an interior height of 2.35m, interior width of 1.75m and interior length of 3.56m, the trailer offers more headroom for the horses, more space in front of the horses and in the saddle boxes.
Big Champion E Böckmann

Two different tack locker concepts guarantee an optimal division of space, which allows maximum storage space for the equipment: The Big Champion SKA has a tack locker that is accessible from inside and outside, as well as a head-high, wide entrance door to the horse area. Meanwhile, the Big Champion E has two doors to the horse area and a two-door tack locker accessible from the inside. The different tack lockers both have extensive equipment, such as practical storage options, horizontally and vertically adjustable and extendable saddle racks, brooms and shovels, whip holders and feeding troughs.

Sattelkammer Big Champion E
Interior tack locker Big Champion E
Big Champion SKA Sattelkammer
Tack locker Big Champion SKA

Both models are in no way inferior to each other in terms of their extensive standard equipment and exclusive added value in use. In addition to the quality aluminum floor, the basic equipment also includes the Böckmann Multi Safe System (MSS) for the emergency release of the padded stall bars, which ensures safer transport of the horses. In addition to the extra high side walls made of anodised aluminum for more stability and safety, the world-class "WCFplus" chassis guarantees automobile standards for outstanding driving comfort. The blue LED transport light, which can be switched from white to blue, provides a calming atmosphere while driving.

Böckmann Big Champion Flügeltür

Another highlight is the standard 1-wing door/rear flap combination, which enables flexible use as a door or ramp. Thanks to the side opening option, the Big Champion can be easily loaded with a tractor, making it easier to transport fodder or straw, for example. The rear flap can still be folded down and used as a ramp for loading and unloading the horses.

With the additional equipment options, such as the foal grid, both models can be tailored even more individually to the different needs of the riders and horses horses are adjusted. Video surveillance or the western saddle box for the Big Champion SKA offer further options. The new Big Champion models SKA and E impress in terms of size, use, safety and design across the board.