Enjoy the summer with Böckmann

The refrigerated trailers are the perfect companions in high temperatures.

On hot summer days, it is a problem to keep transport goods such as food or drinks cool and to transport them. Our refrigerated trailers are the perfect solution to this problem. They are designed in such a way that transport with a room temperature between 5 and 10°C is possible. The temperature is constantly regulated by an externally mounted cooling unit, making the trailers ideal as mobile cold storage for farmers' markets or events.
Böckmann Kühlanhänger Einachser
Refrigerated trailer single axle
Böckmann Kühlanhänger Tandem
Refrigerated trailer two-axle

The refrigerated trailers have been thought out and developed down to the smallest detail. They are available as single-axle and tandem variants. The H-models have higher side walls, which allow a greater headroom and the transport of bulkier goods. Thanks to the innovative sandwich construction, little energy gets lost and the optimal insulation ensures that the refrigerated goods are protected from heat in the best possible way. The robust construction and the solid anodised aluminium hinges ensure a high degree of stability. The anodised aluminium corner brackets as well as the plastic protective corners additionally ensure a high load capacity. The telescopic crank supports and the heavy-duty automatic support wheel give the trailer a secure stand. The robust door construction consists of a rear portal frame with lockable 2-wing door. The doors are opened by means of a twist-bar lock and can be locked by the internal latch. Rubber seals with double rubber lip protect against moisture. Inside, the trailers are equipped with a scuff guard made of aluminium chequer plate to protect against impact loads. To secure the load, there are 4 to 6 lashing rings inside, depending on the size of the trailer. For lighting, the trailer is equipped with 2 interior lights, one of which is controlled via the refrigeration unit.

The powerful cooling unit is mounted on the front of the trailer and ensures rapid cooling of the trailer. To regulate the temperature, there is a temperature display directly on the unit. The temperature can be cooled down to 5 - 10°C room temperature so that the goods stay nice and cool. For additional insulation of the trailer, an insulated floor with checker plate can be selected, which has been specially designed for food transport.

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