The Böckmann foal grill

With the foldable foal grill, foals and mares can be transported safely.

Safe transport of the youngest through the Böckmann foal grill.

Foals are often transported in their first months, be it for foal registration or, in the worst case, to the veterinary clinic. So that the little ones can be driven safely from A to B, there is the foldable Böckmann foal grill. This can be easily mounted on the tailgate of the horse trailer and folded up if necessary. This will block the opening between the tailgate and the top edge of the roof. This way, if the foal turns around during the ride, it cannot jump out and injure itself. The robust foal grid can also be retrofitted and is available in different widths. Almost every one of our horse trailers can also be equipped with a foal grill to make the first transport of the inexperienced foals safe and stress-free. Anyone who regularly transports mare and foal should consider a few points when choosing the horse trailer. In principle, transport is possible with any model, but vehicles such as the new Big Champion are particularly suitable. The robust vehicle made of full aluminium, the extra high side walls and the generous amount of space in the horse stable area offers excellent conditions.