The box trailer from Böckmann

In keeping with the start of spring, Böckmann Fahrzeugwerke is presenting the added value and features of the box trailer family in a video.

Handy and robust - ideal for everyday use.

The low bed trailer models are ideal for both commercial and private use. They are easy to manoeuvre in a small space and can also transport a lot. In the standard equipment, the trailers are available both as single-axle and tandem models with high-quality tyres and a fixed end wall. Thanks to their high stability, large loading volume and easy handling, they are practical, reliable and versatile. In addition, the new C-Flex system ensures free use of the continuous screen-print floor panel. The low loading height makes it easy to load and unload the trailer comfortably. The angle lever locks ensure safe opening and closing of the drop sides, which provides maximum safety during transport. The practical corner stanchions are designed for easy retrofitting of attachments. With accessories such as the new box attachment or ramp rails, as well as the matching new rail bracket, which is attached via the C-Flex system, the trailer is perfectly suited for all requirements. With the Profi package - consisting of front wall and side wall gallery - securing the load can be done even easier.

In addition to a video with all the added values, the application and added values of the C-Flex system and those of the box trailer are presented in detail in additional short videos.

The C-Flex system

The C-Flex system is a side wall profile made of anodised aluminium with an integrated C lashing groove and enables optimum securing of the goods to be transported due to the flexible sliding lashing eyes. The positioning of the rail on the side wall ensures optimum protection against dirt as well as free use of the floor space. Depending on the model, the low-loaders are equipped with either 4 or 6 lashing eyes, whereby each lashing point is certified with a tensile force of 600 daN. Additional lashing eyes can be retrofitted without tools.

The box attachment

The new 350 mm high box attachment is particularly stable and robust due to the 25 mm reinforced hollow chamber profile made of anodised aluminium. The folding hinges are secured by split pins with spring locks and, with the robust angle lever locks, allow convenient opening and closing of individual side elements. Another added value is the stackability of the new attachment. The side panel height can be increased by stacking two box attachments on top of each other. The assembly of the individual attachments is simple, uncomplicated and, above all, possible without tools.

The videos offer an insight into the extensive range of the low bed trailer family and make it clear that the trailers can be ideally adapted to individual transport requirements and needs.

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