Start of training with us.

We welcome six new trainees. The number of trainees thus grows to 20.
Azubis Böckmann 2023

We are very happy to welcome Marlon Sandker (metal worker - specialization commercial vehicle construction), Marc Hellmann (industrial clerk), Jana Spieker (industrial clerk), Julian Sonnefeld (metal worker - specialization commercial vehicle construction), Josefine Abeln (industrial clerk) and Lars Dehne (businessman for marketing communication) to the team Böckmann this year.

As part of a kick-off event, the trainees were welcomed with a joint breakfast followed by a tour of the plant before they then then got to know their new colleagues in the respective departments.

"With the exception of a few positions, we have fortunately been able to fill all vacant training positions," says Justus Böckmann. "But it is becoming increasingly difficult".

We are currently training a total of 20 employees in these areas: Metal workers (f/m/d) specializing in commercial vehicle construction, industrial clerks (f/m/d), IT specialists (f/m/d) specializing in system integration or application development, technical product designers (f/m/d) and specialists (f/m/d) in warehouse logistics. This year, for the first time, there will also be an apprenticeship for marketing communications specialists (m/f/d). In the coming year, the range will be will be extended once again to include the training position for digital and print media designer (f/m/d).

The subject of training is very close to our hearts. Every trainee in the family business should have the opportunity to develop further.
to be able to develop. As a training company, the company sees itself in the role of accompanying people with fun, passion and joy in their entry into professional life. career. Particular emphasis is placed on promoting the individual talents of each trainee. In particular, the direct exchange with colleagues and targeted support offer a perfect start to professional life. The claim here is also "first-class training".

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