The Spring Colour Edition

Three new colours available as a limited edition for many horse trailers.

After last year's successful End-of-Summer Colour Edition, we are now reviving the horse trailer market with the Spring Colour Edition. The colours "Kumquat", "Lilac" and "Olea" are now available for many trailers as a limited edition until 31.05.2024 and get our customers in the mood for spring.

Kumquat is a fresh orange shade that looks almost muted from a distance and Lilac is unmistakably based on the current trend colour lavender with its purple tone. But there is also something for all those who prefer a simpler colour. Olea is an olive-grey shade that brings a touch of colour with its light green.


In addition to the classic horse trailer colours, there are many people who want to make their own trailer a real eye-catcher. This is no problem with our spring colours.

Even if full polyester trailers are particularly suitable for colour design thanks to the large side walls, Böckmann plywood and aluminium trailers also offer many possibilities for setting colour accents. Here, for example, the polyester roof, the polyester bow, the polyester cover for side braces and also the polyester mudguards can be coloured. If available for the model, the polyester body, the polyester roof and the polyester bow are available at a neutral price.

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