Neo: Love at first sight.

Our new full-polyester vehicle with the fitting name Neo cannot be compared with any other on the market. It combines everything you could wish for in a horse trailer.

The Neo - unique design, innovative Lighting concept and plenty of space.


The Neo offers a lot of space, not only for horses but also for their riders. It is available in two sizes: Neo and Neo L. With a width of 1.76 m, both versions offer plenty of room for the horses.

The Neo has an interior length of 3.78 m and comes with a spacious tack room as a standard feature. The larger model, the Neo L, is 30 cm longer and available in two different versions; with a tack room or alternatively with a saddle compartment. The walk-in tack room is accessible through two full-height doors on the left and right sides. The same applies to the horse compartment. This is also accessible via a high door directly from the tack room. The tack room is equipped with a spacious surrounding shelf as a stowage and storage area and features further accessories such as swivelling and lockable saddle racks. Saddles can therefore be conveniently removed from the outside and also from the horse compartment.

The variable centre post dividing wall was also designed for maximum convenience. This can be swivelled at the front and rear and makes it easier to get the horse ready in the trailer.

Draufsicht Neo SKA
Top view Neo SKA
Draufsicht Neo L SKA
Top view Neo L SKA
Draufsicht Neo L SR
Top view Neo L SR

Lighting Concept

It is a well-known fact that horses react sensitively to external light. The new lighting concept of the Neo takes this into special consideration as  the light arc prevents the horse from being dazzled by oncoming traffic and allows a natural incidence of indirect light. The inset, tinted panoramic side windows can be opened and provide optimal ventilation. They have the largest window area in the polyester class and therefore create a very bright interior. This has a much less frightening effect on horses, which have a natural flight response, and can make loading them onto the trailer much easier. The innovative lighting concept allows a great deal of daylight to enter the tack room and horse compartment

Innenansicht Licht Neo L SKA
Inside view Neo L SKA

A unique design

The design also leaves nothing to be desired. The superstructure permits a classy and also an individual design with different colours. Polyester rear ramp, polyester roof, side walls, bow, mudguards and light case cover are available in up to 15 different colours.

The full polyester trailer also dispenses with tail gate hinges and side strut covers, which lends it a modern appearance.

Standard features

The Neo has a solid aluminium floor and high-quality aluminium wheel rims as standard features. The extensive range of equipment is rounded off by LED interior lighting which can be switched to white or blue light. The blue light in particular has a calming effect on horses during transport.