The Esprit models: Great quality. Low prices.

The Esprit silver+black are ideal starter models. There is something for all tastes and needs.

The Esprit silver+black are ideal starter models. There is something for all tastes and needs.

The Böckmann Esprit models in silver+black

With their classic design and the classy colour scheme, the new Esprit silver+black models are real eye-catchers. All models are available in anthracite and silver tones. The track-proven form ensures that the Esprit silver+black models are all particularly easy to tow and road safe. Cleverly design standard features on the models, such as the rear ramp with non-slip rubber mat for safe entry and  the front height-adjustable safety stall bar system as well as the PVC partition wall which visually enlarges the space, make all Esprit silver+black models practical and at the same time extremely stylish companions – and all this at an attractive price.

There is something for all tastes and needs – the Uno for transporting one horse or the models for two horses, as well as different materials such as plywood, polyester and aluminium.

Produktabbildung Uno Esprit
Uno Esprit silver+black
Champion Uno Esprit Produktabbildung
Champion Uno Esprit silber+black
Produktabbildung Duo Esprit
Duo Esprit silver+black
Produktabbildung Champion Esprit
Champion Esprit silver+black
Produktabbildung Comfort Esprit
Comfort Esprit silver+black
Produktabbildung Portax Esprit
Portax Esprit silver+black

Standard features

The Esprit silver+black models are already provided with a comprehensive range of standard equipment. The vehicles have a rear ramp with a non-slip rubber coating, a transparent PVC divider (except Uno and Uno Champion), the Esprit tarpaulin lift and the safety stall bar system. With the exception of the Uno and Duo, all vehicles also feature wheel trims as a special design feature. The Böckmann Comfort Esprit silver+black has a solid aluminium floor as a standard highlight.

Portax Esprit silver+black

The new model of the Esprit silver+black series scores with an solid aluminium floor as standard. The high aluminium side walls provide plenty of space for horse and rider.

Accessories package

The rubber floor and rubber coating with step bars provide additional comfort.

Hinterklappe mit Trittleisten

The plastic kick protection on both side walls prevents injuries and protects the wall of your trailer.

Trittschutz aus Kunststoff

An integrated saddle compartment offers plenty of additional storage space in all vehicles (not included in the Comfort Esprit silver+black accessory package). It is equipped with a pull-out saddle rack, broom and shovel, net and mirror.

Sattelkammer vom Comfort

The lowered rubber spring axle ensures excellent road holding. The wheel shock absorbers permit 100 kph approval as stipulated in the German road traffic regulations.

Böckmann Mehrwerte Pferdeanhänger Fahrkomfort Straßenlage

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