The End-of-Summer Colour Edition

Four new colours available as Limited Edition for all horse trailers.

It's gonna be colourful. With the new colours, customers have the opportunity to give their trailers an individual touch and add some more colour until 31.10.2023. The colours, available for a limited time, are particularly popular on polyester trailers due to the large side walls and many different coloured areas.

Fans of blue tones get their money's worth with two different colours. Besides "Deep Ocean", an ocean blue that tends towards petrol, customers also have the option of choosing their trailer in "Skylight", an attractive light blue.

Böckmann Farbe Limited Edition Deep Ocean
Colour: Deep Ocean
Böckmann Farbe Limited Edition Skylight
Colour: Skylight

Those who prefer something more eye-catching will be pleased with the colour "Amalfi", a striking shade in the yellow-green range. And those who prefer a more pinkish-red colour will be pleased with "Fragaria".

Böckmann Farbe Limited Edition Amalfi
Colour: Amalfi
Böckmann Farbe Limited Edition Fragaria
Colour: Fragaria

The intense and fresh colours can be tested directly in the configurator on the horse trailer.

Even though polyester trailers are particularly suitable for colour design, the plywood and aluminium trailers also offer a variety of possibilities for setting colour accents through the polyester roof, the polyester bow, the polyester side brace covers and polyester mudguards.

Many use the colour of their trailers deliberately to create a uniform image with the towing vehicle or to achieve exactly the opposite - to demonstrate the horse trailer as an eye-catcher by setting it apart from the classic horse trailer colours. This is definitely achieved with the four new colours.

The limited edition colours "Deep Ocean", "Skylight", "Amalfi" and "Fragaria" can be ordered now for all horse trailers until the end of October.

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