Now even better: The centre post partition wall

Our proven centre post partition wall with 2 innovations that now make handling even easier

With the introduction of the new Portax family at Equitana 2023, the standard equipment of the centre post partitions will be supplemented by 2 further highlights.

Mittelpfosten-Trennwand Magnet

A magnetic lock allows easy locking of the two rear partition wings on both sides. The wings can be opened to the right or left as usual and now secured to the side wall with the integrated magnet. Thus, the wings remain in place, e.g. even on uneven ground, and provide more comfort during loading.

The new eccentric clamp at the top of the centre post makes it even easier to remove the entire centre post partition wall, e.g. for driving mares with foals or for using the trailer when transporting bales of hay or straw.

Exzenterverschluss Mittelpfosten-Trennwand

Other advantages of the centre post partition wall are that in addition to the rear wings to increase the entrance, the two front wings are also opened to the left and right. This increases the space in the front area next to the horse even more. This makes it possible, for example, to saddle or bridle the horse even on the trailer.

Gradually, all our horse trailers with a centre post partition wall will be equipped with the new eccentric clamp and magnetic lock. In principle, the magnetic lock can also be retrofitted in our older models with centre post partition wall, however, the nearest Böckmann dealer should be contacted for this.

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