Böckmann Teamwork: Employee app for maximum transparency

Company information for all employees directly on the mobile phone

With the Böckmann Teamwork App, Böckmann Fahrzeugwerke creates even more transparency in internal communication.

All employees have the possibility and direct access to be informed about internal developments in real time. In addition to product news, changes in the organisation or the hiring of new colleagues, important documents can also be viewed quickly. In addition, there is also direct exchange among colleagues in the "Search and Offer" section. 
The management can interactively inform about current developments, e.g. with video or pictures - and all this without any detours.
No employee is forced to use the app, as there is still the good notice board where all important information is published with a time delay.

The advantages, however, are obvious: in case of holiday, illness or, for example, as an employee in the field, you have the possibility to be informed promptly and not to miss anything important. The platform can be used both via mobile phone and desktop PC. Especially colleagues in production who do not have constant access to a PC workstation benefit enormously from the possibilities offered by the app.

The success of the app proves the point: 2/3 of the employees are already registered and use the service. This improves the teamwork on another level. 

The development of the app is not yet at an end. New possibilities for communication are continuously being added and the offer is being further expanded. 

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