The way we work: By practitioners for practitioners.

Good start: The first Böckmann logo from 1956.
The four sons didn’t just inherit their father’s passion for horses. They also continued to run the company successfully. Today, the Böckmann Group employs more than 400 people. To this day the vehicle factory has produced more than 500000 trailers – and delivered them to customers worldwide. But the other brothers are just as diligent with their Pferde GmbH: Tönne and Gilbert have focused on horse breeding and their training and competition yard.
There is one thing that all of the company’s divisions have in common: a passion for horses. Daily life with their own horses has led to numerous product developments that all focus on the horses’ needs. And things will stay this way in future. This is the Böckmann family’s commitment – for whom, as we know, horses have always been part of the family.


  • The origin of the Company: The passion for horses.

  • From idea to product: With craftsmanship and fun at work repaired Anton Böckmann vehicles.

  • Already at age 21, he earned his master's certicate in metalwork

A large family: from a small blacksmith’s workshop to the Böckmann Group – with a workforce of over 400 in 2013.

  • Böckmann Fahrzeugwerke GmbH

  • Böckmann Pferde GmbH






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