The End-of-Summer Colour Edition from BöckmannNew colours for all horse trailers

We are extending the summer! These four new colours are available exclusively for your new horse trailer until 31.10.2023.

The promotion has ended since 31.10.2023.

The Limited Edition

It's getting colourful - We are extending our colour range until the end of October with the stunning colours Amalfi, Fragaria, Deep Ocean and Skylight.*

Böckmann Farbe Limited Edition Amalfi
Colour: Amalfi
Böckmann Farbe Limited Edition Fragaria
Colour: Fragaria
Böckmann Farbe Limited Edition Deep Ocean
Colour: Deep Ocean
Böckmann Farbe Limited Edition Skylight
Colour: Skylight

For a limited time: Add colour to your new Böckmann trailer

The colours are available for all horse trailers. If available with the model, the polyester body, polyester roof and polyester bow are available at a neutral price.

Take the opportunity to customise your new Böckmann horse trailer with the new colours. Everything is possible - whether completely colourful, with different shades, for example in combination with the established Böckmann standard colours, or completely single coloured, such as with the full polyester models with matching mudguards and side brace covers. As well for our aluminium models. These can be set off perfectly with a coloured polyester roof, polyester bow, mudguards or side brace cover.

Configure your favourite trailer directly

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*Experience has shown that colour values cannot reflect the original colour coating of the trailer.