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Trailer Cam Digital System 5"
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Trailer Cam Digital System 5"
  • 1x screen 5 inch
  • 2x cameras and antennas
€741.00 €691.00
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Artikelnummer: 1135384
  • Wireless connection: Our reversing camera uses a reliable wireless connection to transmit real-time images directly to your mobile monitor. This means you always have an overview of what is happening in the horse trailer
  • Wide-angle lens: The camera's wide-angle lens provides a comprehensive view of the inside of the trailer. This means you can not only keep an eye on the horses, but also recognise possible dangers or irregularities at an early stage.
  • Infrared night vision: Even in poor lighting conditions or at night, the infrared night vision provides clear images. This ensures that you can monitor your horses safely at any time of day or night.
  • Waterproof construction: The camera is specially designed for outdoor use in various weather conditions. A waterproof construction ensures that you don't have to worry about functionality in rain or snow.
  • Driver safety: The camera assists the driver when manoeuvring and manoeuvring by providing a clear view of the rear of the trailer.
  • Accident prevention: By detecting irregularities or dangerous situations at an early stage, the camera helps to prevent accidents and stress for people and animals.

€741.00 €691.00

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