Abreissseil Gabel/Karabiner 1050 mm
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Abreissseil Gabel/Karabiner 1050 mm

Article number: 1104961


A breakaway cable for an overrun coupling is a safety device used on trailers. It is used to stop the trailer in the event of an unexpected breakaway from the tractor unit and thus prevent potential accidents.

The breakaway cable is normally attached to the trailer coupling and connected to a hook on the towing vehicle. If the trailer is unexpectedly disconnected from the tractor unit, for example due to a break in the coupling or another fault, the breakaway cable is put under tension and breaks. This triggers the trailer's braking mechanism and brings it to a standstill.

The breakaway cable is an important safety device that ensures that the trailer does not get out of control in the event of an unexpected breakaway from the tractor unit. It is important to check the breakaway cable regularly to ensure that it is in good condition and working properly.


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