More than a standard: <br />
<em>Böckmann’s added values.</em>
More than a standard:
Böckmann’s added values.

More than a standard: Böckmann’s added values

Gut für Ihr Pferd.

Good for your horse.

From the loading height through to the Multi Safe System (MSS): The following features (all of which are included as standard) were developed as a result of the experiences travelling with our own horses and adapted to meet their needs and guarantee their comfort and well-beingl!

Good for your horse.

  • Easier access for the horse as a result of the lowered comfort suspension chassis “CFFplus”

  • A maximum of space due to narrow cover edges and tarpaulin lift installed on the inside

  • No slipping because of the special cross step bars and side stops on the rear ramp covering

  • Inviting interior with flat access on a 1800 mm long tail gate, 2 separate feed troughs and 2 interior lamps on the partition wall for sufficient lighting

    • A firm foothold due to rubber matting with anti-slip structure

    • Plenty of space for the tail because of the generous amount of space between the breast bar and the tail gate

    • Plenty of headroom thanks to the generous dimensions of all Böckmann models

    • Easily accessible hay from feed troughs in the tack room or optimally positioned hooks for a hay net

      • Optimum interior atmosphere thanks to tarpaulin lift with integrated net  and Velcro fasteners (also protects against rain and cold)

      • Sun protection by tinted, dazzle-free hinged windows that also provide protection against reflections at night

      • Optimum road holding due to the lowered comfort suspension chassis with wheel shock absorbers and soft suspension

      • Even more comfort on the road with the world-class chassis with galvanised independent wheel suspension, coil spring suspension and wheel shock absorbers

        • Quick release system as the front breast bars can be opened by lifting them, the rear bars both by lifting and dropping them

        • Extra safety as breast bars can be released from the front and rear (panic system front and rear)

        • Space can be individually adjusted as the height of the front breast bars and height and length of the rear breast bars can be changed

        • One job saved by the functional solution without safety chain – the horse's tail cannot become entangled, for example

          • Divider concept: The product designs already include the right dividers for your horse. On request you can equip your horse trailer with a divider that perfectly fits your horse.

          • Our transparent PVC dividers, which can be moved to the right or left during loading, create an illusion of even greater space for the horse

          • Lots of room for a wide stance due to securing of the PVC curtain 600 mm above the floor – for pleasant travelling

            • No sharp edges – all hinges and bolt heads have been rounded off

            • Corner protection by plastic covers on the steel profile struts and at the ends of the rear strut

            • No entangling of the rope due to flat door handles

            • No danger of the horse’s hoofs slipping thanks to the closed rear struts with special perforation

            • Head protection thanks to inset gratings in windows – no protruding edges and corners

            • Minimal risk of slipping due to closed, narrow tailgate hinge

            • More comfort and durability thanks to the additional padding on the stable bars and the side padding (option in some cases)

            • Safety due to robust, elbow lever locks with 180° rotation that minimise the risk of injury to your horse

              Gut für Sie

              Good for you.

              We don’t just make life easier for your horse but also for the rider. Many practical Böckmann innovations like the chassis, the door concept or the tack room have been proving their worth every day. Developed by practitioners for practitioners: simply good for you!

              Good for you.

              • Easy to move around due to a tall and hard wearing automatic jockey wheel and perfectly positioned shunting handles

              • Easy access to your boot thanks to the flat, heart-shaped handle and flat brake handle – even
                when hitched to the car

              • Drive-off and theft protection provided by a lockable cast-iron coupling with soft-top drive-off protection
                and rubberised, ergonomic, heart-shaped handle

              • Excellent view on the road with special perforated rear struts; the large lighting unit is also visible when the tail gate is open

                • Plenty of space for loading and unloading due to the large clearance between breast bar and tack room in the front area of the trailer

                • Easy to reach light switch thanks to a separate light switch for the interior lighting on the right access door

                • Mudguards as storage compartment due to the wide and open, straight form of the impact-resistant plastic mudguards

                • Quick access to the horse compartment thanks to a large access door and plenty of space once inside

                  • Even more comfort on the road with the world-class chassis with galvanised independent wheel suspension, coil spring suspension and wheel shock absorbers

                  • Optimum road holding due to the lowered comfort suspension chassis with wheel shock absorbers and soft suspension

                  • Easy to tow due to the aerodynamic superstructure and low centre of gravity – also lowers fuel consumption

                  • More driving safety thanks to generously-dimensioned quality tyres

                    • In the interior with metal eyes next to the front stall bars

                    • On the tail gate with 4 solid support bars – e.g. at events where trailers are parked close together

                    • On the side wall by means of 4 Multi Safe System (MSS) fittings

                    • On the side wall due to a saddle storage bar (accessory)

                      • One key for all locks thanks to a master key in triplicate for the tack room door, access door ...

                      • ... and cast couplin

                      • Perfect closure due to 3-point door lock and rubber seal

                      • Protection from damage by door lock and rubber pads at jockey wheel

                          Gut für die Wertstabilität

                          Maintains its value.

                          Original Böckmann quality in every detail. – What this means for you is: durability and excellent trade-in value. We achieve this by using only highest quality materials and solid workmanship throughout. Find out for yourself!

                          Maintains its value.

                          • Stable frame thanks to Z-section frame of galvanised special steel throughout – firmly bolted onto the structure

                          • Designed for heavy loads thanks to axles with 8-point bolt connection to the longitudinal beam construction and galvanised steel frame

                          • Robust and rot-proof thanks to quality solid aluminium floor (option in some cases); reinforced with a closed profile in the stall area

                          • Higher payload due to 2400 kg total weight as a standard feature instead of 2000 kg

                            • Stable polyester cover thanks to aluminium top support sections bolted with stainless steel bolts

                            • Quality and stability thanks to polyester sandwich-type construction, aluminium twin-web sections  or adhesion bonded quality plywood

                            • Stable structure thanks to overlapping corner unions and galvanised, lateral, steel struts made of solid M sections

                              • Stable divider wall construction thanks to solid, welded steel frame

                              • No vulnerable rubber overlaps necessary due to closed, narrow tailgate hinge

                              • Resilient thanks to adhesion bonding and sealing of rubber flooring throughout




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