More than a standard:<br />
<em>Böckmann`s added values</em>
More than a standard:
Böckmann`s added values

Maintains its value
Böckmann´s Cattle Transporter

Original Böckmann quality in every detail. – What this means for you is: durability and excellent trade-in value. We achieve this by using only highest quality materials and solid workmanship throughout. Find out for yourself!

  • Safe Stand

    Resilient thanks to adhesion bonding and sealing of rubber flooring throughout.

  • Optimal Hold

    Safe access thanks to rubber lining on tail gate with step bars and side stops.

  • Robust superstructure

    with crosswise reinforcement of the side walls as well as three solid side struts (both marked in red); VA 3520 P and VA 4520 P with circumferential steel profile struts.

  • Also safe when loading at night

    due to the lighting units positioned at the side that also remain visible when the rear hatch is open.

  • Sturdy Rear Ramp

    Solid workmanship with high-quality number plate holder an two integrated steps.

  • Easy access to your boot

    thanks to the flat, heart-shaped handle and flat brake handle – even when hitched to the car.

  • Drive-off and theft protection

    provided by a lockable cast-iron coupling with soft-top drive-off protection and rubberised, ergonomic, heart-shaped handle.

  • Ideal access

    through the large entrance door on the right with two solid elbow lever locks.

  • Practical everyday aids

    with the robust manoeuvring handles (VH/VA 3014 and 3016 one manoeuvring handle) and the interior lighting (VA 3520 and VA 4520 with two interior lights).

  • Optimum road holding

    due to the lowered comfort suspension chassis* with wheel shock absorbers and soft suspension.

  • Low entrance

    because of the low loading height.

*For details of the standard equipment ("CFFplus"), please refer to the corresponding product pages

  • Designed for everyday use

    with the solid hoop construction of square tubing (standard feature on all animal trailer models with tarpaulin, VH/VA 3014 and 3016 with hoop construction made of round tubing); the tarpaulin can be rolled up in both diagonal sections at the front for optimum ventilation.

  • Designed for heavy loads

    thanks to axles with 8-point bolt connection to the longitudinal beam construction and galvanised steel frame.

  • Stable structure

    thanks to overlapping corner unions and galvanised, lateral, steel struts made of solid M sections.

  • Robust and rot-proof

    thanks to quality solid aluminium floor (option in some cases*); reinforced with a closed profile in the stall area.

  • Stable frame

    thanks to Z-section frame of galvanised special steel throughout – firmly bolted on to the structure.

*For a complete list of all the features included as standard, please refer to the corresponding product pages




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