Milestones <em>since 1956</em>
Milestones since 1956

Milestones since 1956.

Innovation as a (family) tradition: The trailers have been improved all the time because the family use their trailers themselves. This is how Böckmann became the market leader for horse trailers – and one of the leading European trailer brands.  All these developments have one thing in common: a product needs to be good  enough to meet the requirements of the family and their horses before it enters serial production. Thus, Böckmann have exactly the same aim as the rest of the  riding community: the well-being of the horse!

  • 1956

    Foundation of the original company, a blacksmith and agricultural equipment repairs business.  

  • 1963

    A comfortable ride and wind protection: a trailer covered with a canvas tarpaulin.

  • 1971

    Serial production starts after the move to the Lastrup industrial estate.

  • 1972

    To the first Equitana Böckmann presentet a newly developed aluminium horse trailer.

  • 1990

    The standar for the horse trailer: the Böckmann panic system

  • 1996

    Horse-flight containers, which were used for the Olympic Games in Seoul for the first time.


  • 2006

    50th anniversary:
    50 years first class transportation.

  • 2009

    Gilbert Böckmann's 3rd place at the Rider's Tour with No Father's Girl.

  • Since 2009

    The unique design and aerodynamic lines introduced in 2009 make the new Böckmann Design horse trailer a real eye-catcher. The enthusiasm for both horse and rider is unquenched. Böckmann has once more succeeded in doing justice to both the needs of the horses and the contemporary design expectations of equestrians.

  • 2011

    The safety revolution in the world of horse trailers: the new Multi Safe System (MSS)

  • Since 2013

    The Portax family is given a facelift and has a glossy new design. The new Big Portax and Mega Portax models offer even more space for your horses.




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