From family tradition to success

“You have to put your heart into the business to be successful in the long run.” This is the philosophy that Anton Böckmann taught his four sons at an early age. As the village blacksmith he lived and maintained the good, old craft tradition – and family life. His four sons Gilbert, Tönne, Klaus and Roger still remember this well to this day, particularly the Sundays, which were always dedicated to the family. These days had a recurring ritual: After church, father Anton Böckmann put his children on the family’s own ponies.

The father filled his children with enthusiasm for horses and riding – and went on to do everything in his power to support his children’s hobby. As the children grew older, the ponies had to be transported to riding events. This prompted Anton Böckmann to design his first pony trailer. The foundations for Böckmann Fahrzeugwerke GmbH were laid.

And when his sons grew out of their little ponies, father Böckmann decided to build his own horse trailer. Just a short while later the first trailers were sold. Serial production started back in the 60s. This way, Anton Böckmann not only made a virtue out of necessity, but also a career out of virtue! The third generation is also sporty, successful and already has a firm grip on the reins

Already with a firm grip on the reins – the third generation of the Böckmann family (left to right Liam, Jason, Calvin and Leonie-Celine Böckmann). 





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