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<em>Welcome to the Böckmann Stables</em>
The new color-decor-mixer
Horse Trucks
Grass rails with net
Professional trailers:
By practitioners for practitioners
Horse trailer:
Pioneers since 1956
Cattle transporters:
Solid, sturdy and stable
Welcome to the Böckmann Stables

WELCOME to Böckmann!

Böckmann Fahrzeugwerke GmbH, based in Lastrup, has been manufacturing car trailers and truck superstructures since 1956. The knowledge and daily commitment of the around 400 Böckmann employees has contributed to global sales of more than 500,000 car trailers alone to date. Our approach is geared to the principle "by practitioners for practitioners", as we profit from our own experience in equestrian sport and also horse breeding. This is why we know what is important when transporting horses. During the development of our products it is therefore our main priority to ensure the well-being of horse and rider, as no other sport connects humans and animals at such a high level.

Our range of products and services is very varied. With the interactive product configurator on our website you can decide quickly and easily which horse trailer or car trailer is the best for you. Visit one of our many Böckmann Centers near you for comprehensive consultation and advice! You can rely on almost 60 years of experience in the manufacture of horse trailers, car trailers and animal trailers as well as customised production of our horse trucks.


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